Monday, 23 May 2011

Look what finally arrived!

It feels like this book took forever to arrive.... but it's ok because it's finally here! I've read so much hyper over this one, it better be good.... HarperCollins are publishing it in the UK, and I really hope they leave the cover alone. Seriously, the photo doesn't do it justice - it is a beautiful book to hold and a stunning book to look at (even if the model looks a tiny bit like Kimberly from Girl's Aloud...).

It feels as though every other book I read at the moment has a dystopian edge, which is ok as long as it's handled properly. Why is this trend so popular? How long will it last? And what will be the next trend to take over teen fiction? Have been pondering these questions a lot lately (especially in my role as a bookseller/buyer) but as yet have no answers. Would love to hear your suggestions....

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