Sunday, 1 July 2012

Letterbox Love no.5 - 1st July 2012

Here are the latest goodies I've received, complete with blurbs...

Fire City by Bali Rai
When the demons arrived, the world as we knew it changed, humanity was doomed. Twenty-five years later, on the lawless streets of Fire City, the lives of two teenagers collide and the future is altered forever.
The battle for humankind will now begin...
Published by Corgi, September 2012

Turf by John Lucas
Fifteen yar old Jay is a member of the Blake Street Boyz gang. With a knife in his pocket and his best friend Milk by his side, Jay spends his time defending their turf. He takes his lessons from the streets and thinks he knows everything about choices. But now he's coming of age and is being given the chance to step up. He must stab and kill a member of a rival gang... and suddenly there are no choices left.
Published by Bodley Head, August 2012

Wake by Amanda Hocking
This book has no blurb, and as such I have NO IDEA what it is about. Mermaids maybe?!
Published by Tor, August 2012

Obsidian Mirror by Catherine Fisher
Jake's father disappears while working on mysterious experiments with the recluse Oberon Venn - and Jake is convinced that Venn has murdered him.
But the truth is far stranger...
Jake is sucked into Venn's fixations about re-entering the past and changing it, with people pursuing him through time, and with a tribe of untrustworthy elemental beings filled with hate for humans.
But regardless of terrible danger, Jake is determined to use the Obsidian Mirror and learn what really happened to his father. 
Published by Hodder Children's Books, October 2012

Hugs and high fives my lovelies,



  1. Now THAT sounds like a book about Time Travel I can get behind. I hate to say this but for me Time Travel usally falls woefully short in books in comparaison to film and TV counterparts for me. But The Obsidian Mirror definitely sounds like my kind of speed, especially if it's written by Catherine Fisher.

  2. Oooh, you got some good books! I looove the cover for Wake!

    I also have Turf and Fire City and can't wait to read them both!
    Hope you enjoy your new reads!

    Here's my Letterbox Love

    Faye :-)