About Me

So instead of giving you some deep and insightful essay into what makes me, well, erm, me, I thought I'd give you some snapshots and images from my life to help you put together the kind of person I am. That sound fair? But in case you do actually have some things you might like to ask me, go ahead. If I don't want to answer I just won't, but to be honest I pretty much love talking about myself, so just go for it really. 

This is me in a pink wig that wasn't mine, but actually belonged to somebody I worked with at the time. I wish I actually had that wig. When I went out wearing it a lot of people thought it was real. And that was awesome.

This is my doggie Sandy, who is pretty old and warty. So that she doesn't lick herself in places that could get infected, sometimes we make her wear clothes. She also responds to Dolly, and Sandalina Ballerina. 

This is my other doggie Beau, who is also a Bichon Frise. He hates being washed and cleaned, but then when he is he basically looks like a gorgeous fluff muppet. He is the most sensitive doggie on earth.

This is Ruby. Four years old. Light of my life. Feisty, bitchy, hates strangers and general anarchist guinea pig. Yeah, she may look adorable. But there is nothing adorable about her when you're trying to clip her nails. 

These are my shelves, which, despite the apparent mess, are actually very organised. I know where everything is. And the the white ball things you see light up in red and blue. Which is very cool.

This is actually my To Read pile. As of 5pm, Thursday 19th July, 2012. It is insane, and sometimes the thought of not being able to read it all makes me want to cry. Because I do want to read it all I really, really do. Send me more. Please. I might have a problem.