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Contempo-May Reading List: Things That Make You Go Swoon

In honour of nearly passing out with swoon upon reading Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins (read my review HERE!), I thought it was time to indulge my secret literary passion: LURVE. We're talking all the silly, soppy, possibly unrealistic stuff, the literature we live vicariously through when we are single and lonely. The books that make our hearts thump, the authors who make us gaze wistfully at the stars. 

This reading list is a little different, as well as suggesting titles to you, as in my previous reading lists, I will also be recommending whole entire authors to you, because there are some that really specialise in books of the romantic nature, and if you're into it, you'll probably want to read all of it. 


So in no particular order, I present to you, Things That Make You go SWOON!!!

1. Stephanie Perkins

This lady has only written two books so far, and they have both nearly killed me by making my heart yearn. Death by yearning. Upon finishing Anna and the French Kiss, which I read in one day, I very seriously started thinking about how I could bunk off work and get myself to Paris PRONTO. These books are hardcore swoon. Read them both, but not too quickly, because then they will be over that that will make you sad. 

2. Simon Elkeles

Oh my. Prepare to fan yourself down like a French courtesan and blush blush blush, because soon you won't be able to think of anything but the big, bad Fuentes brothers. Each book in the Perfect Chemistry series features on a different brother as they find love with girls, often from the other (the right) side of the tracks. Chaste, teen erotica at it's best (as in, they actually don't feature that much sex, and what there is, is pretty tame, but I betcha there is some dirty fan fiction out there). 

3. Jennifer Echols

 I swear, it even looks like these books are blushing. Giant loved up faces with dreamy eyes. We're talking real, proper, old-fashioned American love stories here. The kind you want to read whilst lazing on a beach, the waves lapping on a nearby shore. The epitome of guilty pleasure. 

4. Jennifer E Smith

I'm only including one book by this author, mostly because I know NOTHING about the other books, and this one is seriously swoon-worthy. It's a proper private fantasy, falling hopelessly in love with the boy you just so happen to sit next to on a flight to London. Indulge and enjoy this one!
Read my review HERE!!!

5. Jandy Nelson

She's only written one book! And it broke my heart! I wore flouncy dresses and listened to twirly, romantic music for days after reading this. It's all sorts of sad and wonderful and the language is SO PRETTY. Plus there are snippets of letters and poetry all the way through, and the UK edition is particularly beautiful. Please write more Jandy, PLEASE!!!

6. Sarah Dessen

Admittedly, Sarah Dessen's books are more about the issues than the swoon, but they are perfect teen chic-lit reading. And another admission (don't hate me) but I have NEVER read a Sarah Dessen. I suppose this makes me a bad book blogger/bookseller, but I know how popular her books are, and I know that they mean a lot to tons of readers out there. I also know that no reading list specialising in swoon and heartache would be complete without her.

7. Sara Zarr

Another one I haven't read yet! I'm so sorry! But I am aware of the near-classic status of this book and that Sara Zarr is another one of those authors that has become classic YA reading. Her book How to Save a Life comes out in the UK later in the year (see my Letterbox Love HERE!!!). Also, the cover of this book is really, really yummy. 

8. David Levithan and Rachel Cohn

It's not often that two totally different authors can pair up, write alternate chapters, and make me nearly die from longing. I haven't read Nick and Norah (YET) but Dash and Lily has to be one of my favourite books EVER. I have Dash and Lily in hardback. I caress it sometimes and dream that I live in NYC and have a red moleskin. Read this book and you too will understand all of the feelings. 

9. Elizabeth Scott

Another author I haven't read yet, but one that keeps cropping up on certain retail websites as someone I would quite like. I WONDER WHY?!?!?! A little disconcerted about the foot fetish going on in these covers, but otherwise, an author I'd quite happily read should I need a bit of escapist high school romance in my life.

10. Lauren Barnholdt

 LOOK HOW ROMANTIC THESE COVERS ARE!!! What I love about american covers (most of them) is that you really know what you're getting, and with these books, you know you're going to be getting a GOOD TIME.


It only occurs to me after finishing this reading list, that all the authors are American. I didn't think about this at all whilst I was compiling the list, but now that I come to think about it, I don't think there's a UK teen author that can challenge these Americans, although we do much better on adult chic lit I think. So, to clarify, I didn't compile this list to purposely exclude British authors, but it just so happens that if you are after real hot and heavy swoon, you have to look over the pond. 

As ever, I'm looking forward to your comments and suggestions,

Hugs and high fives,


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