Sunday, 13 May 2012

Letterbox Love no.1 - Sun 13th May 2012

So here is some of the lovely jubbly stuff I've received over the past week and a bit...

And here is a bit more in depth info...

Earth Girl by Janet Edwards
Meet me, Jarra. Earth Girl.
It's the year 2788, and the universe is divided into two different kinds of people: the Norms, who can portal between other planets, and people like me, the one in a thousand who are born with an immune system which doesn't allow us to leave planet Earth.
Norms come back to Earth for one reason: the study human history. But only if they don't have to interact with us 'Neanderthals' along the way. Well, I've got a plan to change all that.
Call me whatever you like, I'm every bit as good as they are. 
And I'm going to prove it to them.
Publishes: August 2012

The Selection by Kiera Cass
In a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels The Selection is the chance of a lifetime: to compete for gorgeous Prince Maxon's heart. But for America Singer it means turning her back on her secret love, and leaving home for a prize she doesn't want. 
Then America meets Maxon and all her plans start to crumble. Can the life she's always dreamed of compare to a future she never imagined?
Publishes: June 2012

The Blessed by Tonya Hurley
A dark, contemporary rock 'n' roll retelling of three famous female martyrs - Agnes, Cecilia and Lucy.
Three girls find themselves in the emergency room at Perpetual Help Hospital at the lowest point in their lives.
Three rebels running from their lives and themselves, plagued by broken hearts and broken dreams.
Enter Sebastian. Mysterious, compelling, seductive. 
He seems to bring each of them what they long for... but in the battle for his heart, will they lose their souls?
Publishes: August 2012

Zombies Don't Cry by Rusty Fisher
Maddy Swift is just an ordinary girl, until the fateful night when she is struck by lightning and wakes up face down in a puddle. Then it's goodbye to all things Normal - such as breathing and having a heartbeat - and hello to yellow vision and a whole new Afterlife.
Turns out there's a lot more to being a zombie that shuffling and groaning, but surviving school as one of the living dead requires a different set of skills. And things don't get any easier when Maddy realises that she's not the only reanimated student at Barracuda Bay High...
Publishes: October 2012

Another Life by Keren David
Kicked out of yet another boarding school Archie couldn't be happier to find himself back in London with old friends and an exciting social life. But he's worried about his cousin Ty, who is facing a sentence in a Young Offender Institution and doesn't seem to be coping. When he begins to learn surprising things about Ty, Archie goes on a mission to uncover the truth about his cousin's past and to find out just who is the real Ty.
Publishes: September 2012

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
Can one girl unite two worlds?
A fragile peace has been achieved in the realm of Goredd, and dragons and humans live together in harmony. 
But the truce is shattered when a royal prince is brutally murdered - could dragons be to blame?
Seraphina, a talented court musician harbouring secrets of her own, is drawn into the investigation and uncovers a darker plot, one that threatens the very existence of the kingdom. And soon her own life is in terrible danger as she fights to hide the secret behind her amazing gift...
Publishes: July 2012

Witchstruck by Victoria Lamb
Meg Lytton has always known of her dark, powerful gift. But there has never been a more dangerous time to practise the craft, for it is 1554, and the punishment for any woman branded a witch is death.
Sent to live amidst the intrigue and rebellion of Woodstock, where the banished Princess Elizabeth desperately awaits her fate, Meg's life is thrown into turmoil by the ruthless witchfinder, Marcus Dent, and a smouldering young Spanish priest, Alejandro de Castillo.
Publishes: July 2012

Chime by Franny Billingsley
Briony knows she is a witch. She also knows that now her beloved stepmother is dead she must look after her beautiful but complicated twin sister, Rose. Then the energetic, electric, golden-haired Eldric arrives in her home town of Swampsea, and everything that Briony thinks about ehrself and her life is turned magically, dizzyingly upside down.
Publishes: June 2012

Well I hope you are as intrigued and excited about these books as I am! I want to read every single one, and I will try to! 
Any thoughts or comments, please live them in the doobree below.

Hugs and high fives,


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  1. Earth Girl looks good. Enjoy them all :)