Friday, 11 May 2012

I'm Going There, but it's OK Because Forever Young Adult Went There First...

So yesterday I came across this brilliant blog post: 
The Hottest Cartoon Characters
And it was like being set free. All my life swooning over imaginary characters, sometimes with hot voices, sometimes not. And now I can come forth from my closet and talk openly about the animated characters that have given me considerable swoon over the course of my life. I'm coming out here so that you have the confidence and faith to come out too. Join me, embrace your love for the cartoon boys who made our lives complete. 

So in honour of that blog post, I present to you my choice for Hottest Cartoon Characters (and maybe puppets too). 

(I should point out here that I actually had dreams about Dimitri from Anastasia and am somewhat gutted that the Forever Young Adult ladies got there first in acknowledging his profound swoon status.)

So, in no particular order...

Top Cat
He's the boss. He's the leader of the gang. Basically, he's a pimp in a purple waistcoat. We're starting as we mean to go on, so embrace it. 

Lion O
He has muscles. He has a sword. And he has ginger hair. Need I say anything more?

Cavin from Disney's Gummi Bears
Guys, he believed. HE BELIEVED. (*whispers* believed.)

The Singer from the Ducktales Theme Tune

I know this one is a little off topic, but there was something in the passion, something in the punchy OOO OOOOs that got me every time. 

In the geekiest of cartoon shows, I was all about the geek. Leo might have been the leader, Raf the wise guy and Mic the joker, but for me it was all about Don, the brains behind the operation. Also purple was my favourite colour when I was a kid. 

Freddie the Frog
A sixteenth century prince turned into a frog and made to work for the British secret service. He rocked. And he was friends with the Loch Ness Monster. Was I the only one who saw this film? I think my primary school showed it to us during a wet playtime. 

Wheeler from Captain Planet
He was the goofy jock from Brooklyn, but he was mine. MINE. And managed to pull off the ginger mullet + muscles combo and still be the heartthrob of the show. 

Dogtanian himself was a little young and impetuous for me, but Amaris was really pretty. All for one and one for all, the Muskehounds are ALWAYS ready.

Scott Tracey
For last, I give you my first true love. Scott Tracey, the eldest Thunderbirds brother. I loved his bravery quiet authority. Most girls went for Virgil, the ladies man, but I was all about Scott. Not least because he had a big rocket. 

So there we have it. My life and my truth, laid bare for you all to see. Please don't leave me alone out here in the cold, I want to know YOUR Hot Cartoon Boys too. Leave your comments and suggestions in the thingy below!

Hugs and high fives,



  1. Just look at those soulful eyes of Scott Tracey's. There's a man there who knows how to love! Dimitri would also be on my list, because he's just infuriatingly gorgeous AND he speaks like John Cusack. What more can you want? And it's nice to see as well that there are more Wheeler fans out there.

  2. I totally with you with Lion O and Donatello! also strangely Robin Hood from the disney version...

  3. Yes! Robin Hood was mentioned in the Forever Young Adult blog post, and I didn't want any duplications.

  4. Oh yes, Scott Tracey had my vote, but my first true love was ... Marine Boy. It all went horribly wrong though, when I saw him in colour for the first time on a TV in a shop and realised he wasn't green, but red. It was never quite the same after that...

  5. Haha, YES! NO SHAME! Preach the cartoon love loud and proud!

  6. I adore this post and the FYA's. Really, really. I've been thinking HARD to see if I could make up my own list without zillions of repeated cartoon hotties, but no luck so far :)